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“But those same laws have become a weapon in the hands of those who want to oppress anyone who dissents from the politically-correct norms of the moment.

The law needs to change before more damage is done.” Ashers’ General Manager Daniel Mc Arthur added: “If equality law means people can be punished for politely refusing to support other people’s causes, then equality law needs to change.” The cake order had been placed at the shop in person by LGBT rights activist Gareth Lee, who said during the 2015 court case that Ashers’ refusal made him “feel like a lesser person”.

“The appellants would not have objected to a cake carrying the message ‘Support Heterosexual Marriage’ or indeed ‘Support Marriage’.

“We accept that it was the use of the word “Gay” in the context of the message which prevented the order from being fulfilled.

The bakers claimed in a legal brief that God considers it a sin to make cakes with pro-gay messages on, but multiple courts have upheld the decision against them.

Lady Hale said: “The Supreme Court is committed to being one of the most open and accessible in the world and…

our Belfast cases will be live streamed via our website for everyone who cannot get to see us in person.” The justice added: “My colleagues and I strongly believe that the experience of watching a case in person should not be limited to those within easy reach of London.

After the bakery’s loss at the Court of Appeal last year, the group directly called for equality laws to be re-written to permit religious discrimination.

The Institute’s Deputy Director for Public Affairs, Simon Calvert said: “Equality laws are there to protect people from discrimination, not to force people to associate themselves with a cause they oppose.

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